How to use IDE

Using IDE

Using IDE is very simple. How to create a simple project by using this tool?

1. Open Eclipse and go to file -> click on new and select project & enter your project name and credentials.

How to use IDE

2. After logging in, you can select metadata components to download.

How To Use IDE 2

3. After selecting metadata components click on finish. You will get all your selected metadata into your workspace. See below screen for reference.

How To Use IDE 3

4. How can I get latest changes from server to IDE?

Go to components extracted from server earlier and right click and click on refresh from server to get latest changes to IDE.

Click on save to server to save latest changes from IDE to server.

To deploy you changes from one org to other org click on deploy to server option.

How To Use IDE 4

This tool is very good tool to develop application in salesforce. We can deploy metadata changes and many more we can do by using this. After using this tool you will learn all features of this tool.

How to install IDE? IDE

What is IDE? It is powerful tool, which is used to create/modify & deploying Salesforce applications.

How to install IDE?

1. Install Java SE Development kit (JDK), Runtime environment – plug in will fail to load if you don’t have the full Java JDK.

2. Install eclipse.

3. After installing eclipse, launch eclipse and go to help and click on install software. IDE insallation

4. Click on add, in the add repository dialog window, set the name to “ IDE” and give location to””. (This URL is for eclipse 4.2 & 4.3).   Click on OK. Ide Installation 2

5. If you don’t have latest version of the software (java & eclipse), then clear the first checkbox the above screen details section. You will get all available versions of IDE plug-ins & select the check box next to the plug-in you want to install and click on next.

6. And click on next & accept terms and conditions and click on finish.

7. Eclipse downloads and installs the IDE and any other required dependencies. When install complete, you will be prompted to restart. Click yes.

8. When Eclipse restarts, select Window > Open Perspective > other, select and click OK.

Now you are ready to develop & customize applications in Eclipse. Use proxy settings when are working in secured networks. You can find this in General -> Network connection