sfdc admin certification preparation – 5

81. Which of the following relationships are correct?
A. Lead, Contacts, and Opportunities can be associated to only one Campaign
B. Leads and Contacts can be associated to several Campaigns, but an Opportunity can have only one Campaign
C. Leads and Opportunities can be associated to several campaigns, but Contacts can only have one Campaign
D. Leads, Contacts, and Opportunities can be associated to several Campaigns

82. Which one does NOT apply to Custom Formula Fields:
A. Custom Formula Fields can reference other formula fields
B. Custom Formula Fields can reference standard fields
C. Custom Formula Fields can reference custom fields
D. Custom Formula Fields can calculate across objects

83. Which type of field cannot have universal requiredness?
A. Lookup
B. Text
C. Email
D. Number

84. Who can select the “sharing” button on Account and Opportunity records?
A. The Record Owner, System Administrator, and a User shared to the record
B. The Record Owner, a User shared to the record, and any User above the Record Owner in the Role Hierarchy
C. The Record Owner, a User above the Record Owner, and the System Administrator
D. The Record Owner and System Administrator

85. With Client Management enabled, when a lead is converted without a value in the company field, it becomes a person account.
A. True
B. False

86. A Workflow rule can only be triggered when a record is created.
A. True
B. False

87. You are working with a Professional Edition organization. They wish to install the Expense Tracker which requires the use of 4 custom tabs, 3 custom objects, and one custom app. If the company is already using 4 applications, 36 custom objects, and 7 custom tabs, what will happen when they try to install Expense Tracker?
A. They will not be able to complete the installation process as they have reached the maximum number of custom tabs
B. They will not be able to complete the installation process as they have reached the maximum number of custom objects
C. The installation will succeed
D. The installation will succeed, but only the reports, dashboards and S Control will install

88. You can customize the Opportunity Stage Historyrelated list on an Opportunity Page Layout.
A. True
B. False

89. You can report on converted leads
A. True
B. False

90. You can use standard reports when creating Dashboards
A. True
B. False

91. You can use standard reports when creating Dashboards
A. True
B. False

92. You must be a user of salesforce.com in order to Receive an email notification in the case escalation process
A. True
B. False

93. Your customer is using Professional Edition. they want the ability to trigger an email every time an opportunity reaches 90% and the amount of the opportunity is one million dollars. What is the best way to accomplish this?
A. Big Deal Alert
B. Workflow Rule
C. Escalation Rule Entry
D. Assignment Rule Entry

94. Your organization is a US-based company with a default currency of US Dollars. As a sales rep, your personal currency set to British Pounds. You create an opportunity with a currency in British Pounds. The administrator updates the currency conversion rates. Which of the following best describes what happens to the amount of your British-Pound-based opportunity?
A. The overall opportunity amount does not change but the converted amount in a report does
B. The overall opportunity amount and converted amount in a report changes
C. Only newly created opportunities reflect the change
D. Only historically created opportunities reflect the change

95. API’s are not available for use in which Salesforce.com edition?
A) Developer Edition
B) Professional edition
C) Enterprise Edition
D) Unlimited edition

96. Which Workflow evaluation Criteria cannot be used for Time Dependent Workflows?
A.When a record is created, or when a record is edited and did not previously meet the rule criteria
B.Only when a record is created
C.Every time a record is created or edited
D.All 3 criteria’s can be used

97. Which Feature is not available in Salesforce.com ?
A. Profile based Login Hours
B. Profile based Login IP Ranges
C. Organization based Login Hours
D. Organization based Login IP ranges

98. Which of the following is the best way to make the Field Mandatory for everyone?
A. Page Layout
B. Validation Rule
C. Roles & Profiles
D. Field Level Security

99. Which of the following is not a Standard Salesforce.com Application?
A. Service
B. Sales
C. Call Center
D. Community
E. Marketing

100. Which of the field types cannot be used as an External Id?
A. Text Field
B. Number Field
C. Picklist Field
D. Email Id Field

sfdc admin certification preparation – 4

61. What is the difference between the Marketing User Profile and the Marketing User checkbox at the User level?
A. They are the same thing
B. Marketing User Profile allows users to create and edit Campaigns Marketing User checkbox allows users to import Leads.
C. Marketing User Profile allows users to import Leads. Marketing User checkbox allows users to create and edit Campaigns.
D. None of the Above

62. What type of information can NOT be shown with an S-Control Dashboard component?
A. Combination of two other Dashboard components
B. External feed of data
C. Data Warehouse information
D. Flash representations of data

63. What type of report cannot be used to run a dashboard report?
A. Tabular
B. Matrix
C. Summary
D. None of the above

64. When a manager overrides a subordinate’s forecast,the subordinate can see the manager’s override
A. True
B. False

65. When configuring Customizable Forecasting, you can set which of the following Forecast Dates for determining which opportunities contribute to the forecast?
A. Opportunity Close Date Only
B. Product Date Only
C. Schedule Date Only
D. Commit Date
E. Opportunity Close Date, Product Date, Schedule Date

66. When test driving an application on the AppExchange Directory, it is not possible to view the S-Control configurations of that application
A. True
B. False

67. When you add a custom object tab, all of the following will be accessible with the object EXCEPT:
A. Recent Items
B. Sidebar Search
C. Added to New Link/Create New Object Drop Down
D. Custom Object Reports

68. When you Delete a lead from a campaign, it deletes the lead record itself.
A. True
B. False

69. When you delete a parent record, it will also delete the child record if that child record has a lookup relationship to the deleted record
A. True
B. False

70. When you have exceeded your general storage limit, you can use your complimentary document storage for additional space.
A. True
B. False

71. Which action must be taken to view contacts associated with a case in the console?
A. The related lists of the case page layout must be modified
B. The custom links of the case page layout must be modified
C. The related object of the case page layout must be modified
D. The mini page layout of the case page layout must be modified

72. Which Custom Object relationship has no effect on deletion or security of the related object?
A. Master-Detail relationship
B. Lookup relationship
C. Open relationship
D. None of the above

73. Which objects can be customized for history tracking?
A. Solutions, Cases, Leads and Opportunities
B. Cases, Leads, Solutions, Contracts, and Custom Objects
C. Campaigns, Contracts, Custom Objects, and Solutions
D. Opportunities, Leads, and Contracts

74. Which of the following best describes the Opportunity Stage History related list?
A. By default the list shows ,ALL changes made on the opportunity record
B. The list tracks Stage, Amount, expected Amount, Probability, and Close Date changes
C. The list can be customized to show changes to specific fields on the opportunity
D. None of the above

75. Which of the following can NOT be used to customize your Home Page
A. Company logo (Image)
B. Dashboard Snapshot
C. Custom Links
D. Custom Formula Field

76. Which of the following does a Profile control?
A. Username and Password
B. Role level access
C. Read, Create, Edit, and Delete permissions
D. Sharing rules

77. Which of the following features is not available in Professional Edition?
A. Big Deal Alert
B. Workflow
C. Account Sharing Rules
D. Multi-Currency

78. Which of the following fields CAN NOT be a controlling field for Dependent Picklists.
A. Standard Picklist
B. Custom Picklist
C. Custom Multi-Select Picklist
D. Standard Checkbox
E. Custom Checkbox

79. Which of the following object relationships is NOT allowed?
A. Standard object as the “master” and a custom object as the detail
B. Custom object as the master” and a standard object as the detail
C. Custom object as a lookup to a standard object
D. Custom object as a lookup to a custom object

80. Which of the following permissions enables the System Administrator Profile to edit any record, regardless of the Sharing Model?
A. Customize Application
B. Modify All Data
C. View Setup and Configuration
D. None of the above

sfdc admin certification preparation – 3

41. If you have Read Only access to an account, can you add a task or event to the account?
A. True
B. False

42. It is possible for a Page layout to be associated with a Record Type.
A. True
B. False

43. It is possible to share a custom object record manually
A. True
B. False

44. It’s possible to relate a person account to a contact on a business account.
A. True
B. False

45. It’s possible to view a forecast based on all of the following EXCEPT:
A. Territory
B. Product Family
C. Date Range
D. Sales Team

46. A new list view can be created from within the console
A. True
B. False

47. Once a field is hidden from a Profile using ‘Field Level Security’, a User associated to that Profile can still see the field using the following:
A. List Views
B. Reports
C. Search
D. None of the above, the user cannot see the field at all

48. A Record Type may determine the default value of a picklist field.
A. True
B. False

49. Related Lists display the many side of a one-to-many relationship
A. True
B. False

50. An S-Control may be all of the following EXCEPT:
D. Snippet

51. An S-Control may be used in all of the following ways EXCEPT:
A. Dashboard Component
B. Custom Button
C. Custom Link
D. Import Wizard

52. Select the best component to use if you want to list the top five sales performers on a dashboard.
A. Chart
B. Table
C. Metric
D. Gauge

53. A self service portal user may close their cases using Suggested Solutions in the self service portal.
A. True
B. False

54. Time based workflow can be triggered every time a record is created Or edited.
A. True
B. False

55. To make a field required, which of the following is used) (Pick the best possible answer)
A. Page Layout
B. Field Level Security
C. Profile
D. Both Page Layout and Field Level Security

56. Users can be deleted from salesforce.com
A. True
B. False

57. Validation rules are also enforced using the API and Import Wizards.
A. True
B. False

58. Validation rules may evaluate an opportunity line item against the opportunity it’s associated with
A. True
B. False

59. What are the opportunity defaults when converting a lead to an opportunity?
A. Stage Defaults to first option in the picklist, close date defaults to the last day in the quarter, and the amount defaults to blank
B. Stage defaults to first option in the picklist, close date defaults to 3 months from conversion date, and amount defaults to blank
C. User defines amount, close date, and stage upon conversion
D. None of the above

60. What does the dashboard snapshot on the Home Page display?
A. Only the dashboard determined by the System Administrator
B. The first two rows of any of your available dashboards
C. The first row of any available dashboards
D. You cannot display a dashboard on the Home Page

sfdc admin certification preparation – 2

21. Case Assignment Rules are based on elapsed time
A. True
B. False

22. Case escalation rules triggered on the last modification will be reset each time a user does which of the following actions?
A. Reads the case
B. Adds a related comment to the case
C. Adds an activity or sends an email from the case record
D. Edits the case
E. All of the above

23. Custom formula fields are recalculated:
A. Nightly
B. Every twenty minutes
C. Once per user session
D. Each time a user views the record

24. Custom Formula fields do Not support which of the following functional expression?
A. Adding multiple records together
B. If/then/else conditional statements
C. Clickable image buttons
D. Combine text strings together

25. Custom lead fields can be mapped to which sets of objects in salesforce.com?
A. Account, Contact, Opportunity, or Campaigns
B. Account, Contact, or Opportunity
C. Account or Contact Only
D. Contact or Opportunity Only

26. Custom Links can be used for the following:
A. Launching an External URL
B. Running an S Control
C. Running a report
D. All of the Above

27. A custom lookup field can be added to create a relationship between a standard object and which of the following objects?
A. Users and Custom Objects
B. Leads, Accounts, Contacts and Custom Objects
C. Users, Custom Objects and Campaigns
D. Custom Objects, Contract and Campaigns

28. Custom Web Tab may consist of all the following EXCEPT:
B. A URL that passes salesforce.com data like an organization’s name
C. An S-Control
D. An S-Control snippit

29. Data validation will be enforced when converting a lead
A. True
B. False

30. Default values are available for standard text fields
A. True
B. False

31. The difference between an opportunity record type and a sales process is:
A. The sales process controls the stage field, the record type controls all other picklist fields
B. The record type controls the stage field, the sales process controls all other picklist fields
C. The record type controls the picklist fields
D. The sales process controls all picklist fields

32. Fields hidden using Field Level Security are subject to Data Validation Rules.
A. True
B. False

33. Folders are used to manage:
A. Either Reports, Price Books, Documents. or Email templates
B. Either Reports, Dashboards, Documents, or Products
C. Either Reports, Dashboards, Documents, or Email templates
D. Either Reports, Dashboards, Documents, or Other Folders

34. The formula editor may be used all of the following places EXCEPT:
A. S-Control
B. Formula Field
C. Default Values on Standard Fields
D. Workflow Field Updates

35. How is the expected revenue calculated in the opportunity?
A. Amount multiplied by the total price of all opportunity line items
B. The sales price on any line item times the probability of the opportunity
C. Opportunity Amount multiplied by the probability
D. Amount multiplied by the discount percent

36. How many other fields may a custom lead field be mapped to when converting a lead?
A. One custom field
B. Two custom fields
C. Three custom fields
D. Custom lead fields cannot be mapped

37. If a lead is converted without a value in the company field, what happens?
A. A Business Account is created
B. A Person Account is created
C. You will be prompted to decide whether to create a Person or a Business Account
D. Nothing

38. If a lead, with a single marketing campaign isconverted, the campaign information will map to the newly created contact and opportunity record automatically
A. True
B. False

39. If a profile does not have access to an application, thatprofile will also not have access to the tabs and objects of that application
A. True
B. False

40. If you are added to a Sales Team with read/write access you then have the ability to extend sharing on the opportunity to other users.
A. True
B. False

sfdc admin certification preparation – 1

sfdc admin certification

1. What should a system administrator use to disable access to a custom application for a group of users?
A. Profiles
B. Sharing rules
C. Web tabs
D. Page layouts

2. Universal Containers needs to track the manufacturer and model for specific car companies. How can the system administrator ensure that the manufacturer selected influences the values available for the model?
A. Create the manufacturer field as a dependent picklist and the model as a controlling picklist.
B. Create a lookup field from the manufacturer object to the model object.
C. Create the manufacturer field as a controlling picklist and the model as a dependent picklist.
D. Create a multi-select picklist field that includes both manufacturers and models.

3. Sales representatives at Universal Containers need assistance from product managers when selling certain products. Product managers do not have access to opportunities, but need to gain access when they are assisting with a specific deal. How can a system administrator accomplish this?
A. Notify the product manager using opportunity update reminders.
B. Enable opportunity teams and allow users to add the product manager.
C. Use similar opportunities to show opportunities related to the product manager.
D. Enable account teams and allow users to add the product manager.

4. What should a system administrator consider before importing a set of records into Salesforce? (There are two correct answers.)
A. The import file should include a record owner for each record.
B. Currency field values will default to the personal currency of the record owner.
C. Data should be de-duplicated in the import file prior to import.
D. Validation rules are not triggered when importing data using the import wizard.

5. Which statement about custom summary formulas in reports is true? (There are two correct answers.)
A. Reports can be grouped by a custom summary formula result.
B. Custom summary formulas can reference a formula field within a report.
C. Custom summary formulas can reference another custom summary formula.
D. Custom summary formulas can be used in a report built from a custom report type.

6. All fields on the Approval page layout are available to view on the Approval History related list.
A. True
B. False

7. All of the following actions may take place on a Workflow Rule EXCEPT:
A. Outbound API message
B. Update Field
C. Create a Task
D. Create an Event

8. All of the following are default Account record types- with Client Management EXCEPT:
A. Account Tab Default
B. Business Account Default
C. Person Account Default
D. Partner Account Default

9. All of the following are true about Default Sales Teams EXCEPT:
A. Default Sales Teams are configured on a user record
B. Default Sales Teams may be added manually to an opportunity record
C. Default Sales Teams may be added automatically to an opportunity
D. Default Sales Teams may be added manually to an account record

10. All of the following are true about Opportunity Pipeline and Forecast reporting EXCEPT:
A. Pipeline reports may include omitted opportunities from the forecast
B. Forecasts may be overridden
C. Pipeline reports may be overridden
D. Opportunity stages may be used to determine the forecast category of an opportunity

11. All of the following are types of AppExchange Applications EXCEPT:
A. Composite
B. Client
C. Provisional
D. Native

12. All of the following may be uploaded to the AppExchange Directory EXCEPT:
A. Custom Tabs
B. Custom Fields on Custom Objects
C. Custom Fields on Standard Objects
D. Custom Assignment Rules

13. All of the following may be used when updating a record using the AppExchange Data Loader EXCEPT:
A. External Id
B. Parent External Id
C. Record Id
D. Record Number

14. All of the following objects may have a queue EXCEPT:
A. Accounts
B. Cases
C. Leads
D. Custom Objects

15. All of the following records may be imported via the import wizards EXCEPT
A. Opportunities
B. Accounts/Contacts
C. Custom Objects
D. Solutions
E. Leads

16. An Approval Process begins when a record is:
A. Created
B. Saved
C. Edited
D. Submitted for Approval

17. Assets are related to which of the following sets of objects?
A. Opportunities, Products, Cases, Accounts, and Contacts
B. Products, Cases, Accounts, and Contacts
C. Cases, Contracts, Accounts, and Contacts
D. Opportunities, Cases, and Accounts
E. Opportunity Line Items, Cases, Accounts, and Contacts

18. Assume the Organization Wide default sharing is set to private for all objects and no sharing rules have been created. You have two users in the Sales Rep Role, can they view each other’s data?
A. Yes
B. No

19. Based solely on the role hierarchy a manager can do all of the following EXCEPT:
A. View, edit, delete, and transfer his/her and his/her subordinates records
B. Extend sharing on both his/her and his/her subordinate’s records
C. View all folders his/her Subordinate has access to, i.e., Reports, Documents, and Email Templates
D. View records his subordinate does not own but can view

20. The Campaign ROI Analysis Report uses which of the following calculations to determine the ROI percentage for a campaign?
A. Total Amount of Opportunities / Expected Revenue
B. Amount of Won Opportunities / Budgeted Cost
C. Expected Revenue / Budgeted Cost
D. (Amount of Won Opportunities minus Actual Cost) / Actual Cost

actionStatus tag in visualforce

<apex:actionStatus> tag


This tag helps you to display the status AJAX request like an AJAX request can either be in progress.

See the below example to understand <apex:actionstatus> tag.

Below visualforce helps you to search opportunity based on name:

<apex:page controller=”OppsearchController”>
<apex:form >
<apex:pageBlock id=”pb” mode=”edit”>
<apex:pageBlockSection >
<apex:pageBlockSectionItem >
<apex:outputLabel for=”Search String”>Search String</apex:outputLabel>
<apex:panelGroup >
<apex:inputText value=”{!searchString}”/>
<apex:commandButton value=”GO” action=”{!oppResult}” status=”as” reRender=”pbt”/>
<apex:actionStatus startText=”Searching…….” id=”as”></apex:actionStatus>
<apex:pageBlockSection title=”Result”>
<apex:pageBlockTable value=”{!OppSearchResult}” var=”opp” id=”pbt”>
<apex:column value=”{!opp.name}”/>

Apex Controller:

public class OppsearchController {
List<Opportunity> OppSearchResult;
public String searchString { get; set; }
public List<Opportunity> getOppSearchResult() {
return OppSearchResult;
public PageReference oppResult() {
OppSearchResult = (List<Opportunity>)[FIND :searchString RETURNING Opportunity(Name)][0];
return null;

See the below visualforce page output.


In the above screen, when you click on Go button, it will get the record and will status as you defined in actionstatus tag.