Salesforce Integration – SOAP API basics

SOAP API basics

SOAP API (Simple Object Access Protocol API) can be used to create, retrieve, delete, update records. We can use SOAP API in any language that supports web services.

We can create, update, delete, retrieve records in from any external system that supports SOAP based web services by using SOAP API (like Java, .net etc.…) with more than 20 different calls.

SOAP-API also allows you to maintain passwords, perform searches, retrieve metadata.

Salesforce provides two different SOAP API WSDLs (WSDL: Web service description language).

     1. Enterprise WSDL

     2. Partner WSDL

What is WSDL?

WSDL (Web service description language) is an XML document which contains a standardized description on how to communicate using a web service.

What is Enterprise WSDL?

Enterprise WSDL is a strongly typed WSDL for customers who want to build an integration with their Salesforce organization.  It is intended primarily for customers.

What is partner WSDL?

Partner WSDL is a loosely typed WSDL for customers and partners who are building client applications for multiple originations. This WSDL can be used to access data within any organization. It I intended primarily for partners.

How to download WSDL file?

Click Setup -> Customize -> Develop -> API
Click the link to download the appropriate WSDL.
and Save the file locally, giving the file a “.wsdl” extension.

What are the different types of Salesforce APIs?

Different types of Salesforce APIs

Salesforce APIs: Below are the different types of Salesforce APIs available.

REST API: This is useful to access objects in your Salesforce organization using REST.

SOAP API: This API is useful to integrate your Salesforce organization data with other application using SOAP.

Bulk API: This API is useful to work with large number of records (Load or delete large number of records).

METADATA API: This API is useful to manage build tools and manage customizations.

Streaming API: This API provides a stream of data reflecting data changes in your Salesforce organization.

Tooling API: This API is useful to build custom development tools for applications.

Chatter REST API: This API is useful access chatter feeds and social data using REST.

Wave Analytics REST API: We can access Wave analytics data sets programmatically by using this API.

Apex REST API: This API is useful build your own REST API in APEX. This API exposes Apex Classes as RESTful web services.

Apex SOAP API: This API is useful to create custom SOAP web service. This API exposes Apex Classes as SOAP web service.