Know about Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud

What is Salesforce Sales cloud? Salesforce provides Sales cloud as one of their product part CRM. Sales cloud is created especially for Sales people.

One of the best practice of Sales is Keep all your customer information in one place, accessible by whole Sales team, so that your team can sell faster, smarter and be prepared to grow.

Salesforce-Sales cloud provides many features to fallow best practices of Sales.

  • Salesforce-Sales cloud help you to maintain all your customer at one place instead of having data in excel, sticky notes, note pad and other formats. So that you cannot lose your critical customer information.
  • Salesforce-Sales cloud provides intelligence alerts about the best leads.
  • Salesforce-Sales Cloud gives you real-time reports of how your business is doing.

There are many other cools features available, using Salesforce-Sales cloud cool features reps can concentrate on sell more instead of putting efforts on non-selling activities.

What is a Field filter validation exception?

Field filter validation exception?

Sometimes when you are editing a record in Salesforce, we see an error message like “FIELD_FILTER_VALIDATION_EXCEPTION, Value does not exist or does not match filter criteria,”.

This error appears when there is a lookup filter defined on an object and you modify it so that the update does not reflect the filter criteria.

To fix this issue, check if any lookup filters are defined in the object and make sure any modifications are adhering to the filter criteria.

To check look filters on the object, fallow the below steps.

Go to Setup -> Customize -> click on <Object name> -> Fields.

Scroll through your Fields until you find a Lookup Field.

Click on the Field and review the detail page to see if any filters exist.

Review the Filter Criteria to be sure your modifications adhere to it.