Differences between CRM, PRM

What are the differences between CRM, PRM


  • CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management.
  • CRM application are built for direct sales.
  • CRM applications help your internal teams manage interactions with potential and current customers.
  • CRM applications compile data from every department, store it on a centralized customer record, and drive customer retention and future sales.


  • PRM stands for Partner Relationship Management.
  • PRM applications are built for indirect Sales.
  • It is about maintaining healthy relationship with the partners and ensuring that the trust between company and the partner remains intact.
  • Partner relationship management solutions only focuses on the product and its Sales to ensure long term profits.

Important productivity features of Salesforce Inbox

What are the important productivity features of Salesforce Inbox?

Salesforce Inbox Importance: Sales Reps most often interact with prospects over email communication. And, most of the companies use CRM to track customers and deals information. So, reps usually spend more time on the CRM tool to enter data. If reps have capability to sync data from emails to CRM, they can focus on closing deals instead of entering data manually.

Salesforce CRM proving below features to save reps time to enter data in the tool.

  • Quick create of Salesforce inbox allows reps to add opportunities & contacts to Salesforce without leaving email Inbox.
  • Salesforce Einstein Activity Capture allows Sync emails and calendar events to Salesforce and associate them with the right records automatically.
  • By using Mobile and desktop apps reps can sell smarter anywhere with the full power of Salesforce in outlook, Gmail, and reps mobile email box.

It allows reps to insert customer meeting based on availability and track when email is opened.