Salesforce developer certification DEV 401

Salesforce developer certification (DEV 401) preparation guide

Are you preparing for salesforce developer  certification (DEV 401)? This page will help you prepare for DEV 401 certification program.

If you are planning to take developer certification (DEV 401), then you should have command on below concepts.

1. Application Design
2. Overview of Platform
3. Data Model
4. User Interface
5. Business Logic
6. Data Management
7. Reporting

DEV 401 exam contain 60 multiple choice questions. Time allocated for exam is 90 minutes. You should get 68% to get the ADM201 certification.

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Below are the sample 401 Multiple choice question examples.

What is the maximum number of master-detail relationship that can be created one custom object?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 4
d) Unlimited

Which two (2) items most closely relate to the view layer of the Model View Controller paradigm?
a) Page Layout
b) Validation Rule
c) Custom Tab
d) Custom Field

Define a junction object
a) Standard Object with two Master Detail Relationship
b) Custom Object with two Master Detail Relationship
c) Standard Object with three Master Detail Relationship
d) Custom Object with one Master Detail Relationship

Below information helps you to prepare for Salesforce developer certification.

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  1. Hi,I am new to salesforce,Amd i am interested in becoming in a salesforce developer,can you please tell me which certification I shud take?

    1. It depends on your criteria. If you want to become a developer, I suggest SALESFORCE.COM PLATFORM DEVELOPER 1, which is prerequisite to Platform 2.

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