Introduction to Sites – Overview sites enables users to build or create public website using visualforce pages and applications using platform that integrates directly with sites are hosted in Servers so there are no date integration issues.

Using Sites you can build and serve public websites and applications directly from the platform. Sites are built using Apex and Visualforce but can also include simple HTML markup, JavaScript, CSS and Flash to create a visually compelling user experience.

  • We can create Site with our own domain name.
  • Corporate website or intranet, Ecommerce applications, simple micro sites can be built using sites.
  • Sites is enabled for most editions but there are bandwidth and usage restrictions.

Advantages of using sites in salesforce.

  1. We can create a ideas Sites.
  2. Can Publish a support Frequently Asked Question(FAQ).
  3. Can create a store locator tool.
  4. Can publish an employee directory.
  5. Can create a recruiting website.
  6. Can publish a catalog of product.

How to create sites?

Before creating sites, we have to create the domain which is unique subdomain prefix plus domain name is used for all the site that we create in

Example :- is the domain name that we created in and we are going to create crmsalesforcetraining site. Follow the steps given below to create sites in salesforce.

  • To create a website go to Setup=>Build=>Develop=>Sites.

How to create sites

  • Now click on New Button.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 7.57.51 AM

  • Now new page will be where we have to enter details like Site label, Site name, Site Description, Site contact, default web address, Active, Active site home page, Inactive site home page, site template, site robot.txt, site favorite icon, Analytics tracking code, URL rewriter class, Enable feeds, clickjack protection level, require secure connections(HTTPS).
  • Use lookup filed to select the visualforce page.
  • Here we are creating crmsalesforcetraining site so i am giving site name as “crmsalesforcetraining“.

Creating Sites in salesforce

As shown above in default web address the first part of the URL is domain name and the second part of the URL is site name. After entering all details Click on Save.

Managing Site.

In the first part we have created new site, now we have to activate the new created site in

  • To activate site go to Setup=>Build=>Develop=>Sites.
  • Now we can view all sites that hosted on our domain. site Overview

  • Click Edit to make changes and Click on Activate button to make the status of the site as active.

We have successfully create crmsalesforcetraining site in Sites