New and changed standard objects in Salesforce summer’17

New and changed standard objects in Salesforce summer’17

With Salesforce summer’17 release we can access more data objects in salesforce. Below is the list of new and changed objects available with Salesforce Summer-17 release.

New Objects:

CampaignHistory, ContentBody, ContentWorkspaceMember, ContentWorkspacePermission, ForecastingDisplayedFamily, VisualforceAccessMetrics, MaintenanceAsset, MaintenancePlan, ProductRequest, ProductRequestLineItem, ProductRequestFeed, ProductRequestHistory, ProductRequestOwnerSharingRule, ProductRequestShare, ProductTransfer, ProductTransferFeed, ProductTransferHistory, ProductTransferOwnerSharingRule, ProductTransferShare, Shipment, VoiceMailMessage, VoiceMailMessageShare.

Changed Objects:

BusinessHours, ContentDistribution, ContentNote, ContentVersion, ContentWorkspace, EmailTemplate, EventLogFile, LoginEvent, NetworkActivityAudit, Quote, QuoteLineItem, SlaProcess, WorkOrder.

To know more about these changes, you can refer Salesforce summer-17 release notes.

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