Summer 14 Updates

Salesforce Summer 14 updates

Summer’ 14 Updates

General Enhancements:

  1. Now we can attach larger files to objects, up to 25 MB.
  2. Increased limit of receiving incoming emails, up to 25 MB
  3. New Salesforce notification banner appears on some pages, if don’t want we can disable this banner.
  4.  Some improved previews for power point presentations.
  5. Discontinued separate documentation.
  6. Translated terminology updates.
  7. Middle and suffix names availability for person object.
  8. Expansion pack and unlimited app packs to increase app limits.

New features related to their sandboxes:

  1. Now you can copied packaged connected apps in sandboxes
  2. You can match Production Licenses to Sandbox without a Refresh.

Updates About Deployments:

  1. Now you can deploy standard fields having customizations help text, feed tracking and chatter feed tracking by using metadata migration.
  2. You can deploy entitlement types by using change sets.
  3. You can see changeset deployment status in deployment status page.
  4. We can add roll back error parameter in build.xml ( migration tool supports for rollbackOnError)

Developer Console updates: More features are added to

  1. Edit Menu:you can search and edit by using this menu.
  2. You can edit files by Name.
  3. Query tool Plan: Speed up queries with this.
  4. View color coded logging expiration data.
  5. Few more other changes.

Mobile related updates:

1. Multiple options to access Salesforce1 on mobiles.

2. More Salesforce1 enhancements like browser and device support, more data support, accessing more custom objects, list views, publisher actions without chatter, open chatter email notification, view team members, accessing salesforce files in mobile, submitting records for approval and much more salesforce1 enahancements.

Chatter & Communities

Files, topics & feeds updates related to chatter.

Community engagement console, community analytics,  Guest user access to public chatter groups with out logging in and some other updates in communities.

Apart from this the are more updates related to sales,, services, analytics etc….

To find more details on salesforce summer 14 updates go through summer 14 release notes.

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