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Salesforce winter 15 updates – SalesforceTutorial

Generally Salesforce will upgrade their version 3 times in a year. Their release names like spring, Summer & Winter. For example Winter 15, Spring 15 & Summer 15.

Now Salesforce has released Winter’15 release. In Winter’15 salesforce force has released excited features to their customers. Below are few of them.


1. API access for connected apps – With this release, all users of approved connected apps must have the “API Enabled” profile permission turned on to allow access to all features.

2. New Look and Feel for Documentation PDF Files.

3. Help & Training Search Includes Success Community Content.

4. Introducing Duplicate Alerts and Blocking (Beta).

5. Updates to Translated Terminology.

6. Indexing Changes to Help Your Users Search Faster

Enhancements related to communities in Winter’15

1. Now you can customize your community with community designer (beta version).

2. Now we can create self-service communities with templates.

3. Template to Configure Identity Features for Community Users.

4. you can develop custom log in, log out & self registration.

Winter 15

Apart from these, there are many changes to communities related. There are many enhancements to Administration, Community Management, Dashboards many features related communities. To know more details see winter 15 release notes. development enhancements

1. Change sets & deployments – Now you can perform deployments when apex jobs running & Quick deployment option to complete deployments in quick time on release day.

2.  Related to apex:

     – Submit and Monitor Jobs for Asynchronous Execution with the Queueable Interface

     – Run More Future Methods and Callouts

     – Run More Tests in Sandbox and Developer Organizations

     – Apex Triggers Supported for the Territory2 Object

     – Apex Triggers Supported for the UserTerritory2Association Object

     – Apex Supported for the SearchPromotionRule sObject

     – New and Changed Apex Classes

Apart from these there are many other development enhancements related to visualforce pages, Canvas app & mobility.

To find more about release notes see Winter’15 release notes.

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