Object Permissions

What is object permissions? In Salesforce we can provide permissions to object at profile/permissions sets level. Object level we can provide read, create, edit, delete, view all & Modify all permissions in profiles/permission sets.

  1. Read: Users can only read/view records.
  2. Create: Users can read & create records.
  3. Edit: Users can read & Edit.
  4. Delete: Users can read, Edit & delete records.
  5. View All: Users can view all records in the object irrespective of sharing settings.
  6. Modify All: Users can read, edit, delete, view all & modify all (can transfer, approve) irrespective of sharing settings.

Above 6 permissions we can set at object level in profile/permission set. Read, Create, Edit, Delete respects sharing settings. But View all & Modify all overrides sharing settings.

Navigation to provide object permissions

Setup -> Administer -> Manage Users -> profiles -> select the profile you want to give object permissions and go to object permissions and provide required object permissions to profile. See the below screen for reference.

Object Permissions