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This tutorial helps you to understand basic concepts of Salesforce. Now is a number one on demand CRM in the market. It runs on the platform, it reduces development cost and we can deliver application in very short time.

– It is a cloud computing technology. It is available on cloud, no need install any software and no hardware required.
– You can develop our own applications or if you need any application on demand, you can buy from app exchange.
– App Exchange is a market place to sell our custom applications and to buy applications from app exchange.

One of the main advantage of  sfdc is upgrading the features three times per year. Every year sfdc provide three releases called winter, Spring and Summer. These releases won’t impact your existing functionality. And salesforce provide many new features with each release.


SFDC was officially launched in 1999 with vision of becoming worldwide leader on demand CRM. Founded by Mark Benioff.

– It is a Number one on demand CRM.
– platform – Reduce development cost. We can deliver applications in very short time.
– App Exchange – It is very good market place to sell our custom applications and to buy applications from App Exchange.
– It is available on cloud – No need to install any software and No hardware required.

What Is Salesforce

What is CRM?

CRM is a model used to manage organization interactions like phone calls, Emails, Meetings and Social media with customers and prospects penetrating to Sales, Marketing and Support.

Now it is very hot technology in IT industry and more job opportunities available on sfdc. Here in this site I am sharing concepts of sfdc, How to learn salesforce, How to prepare for interviews. also known SFDC.

To understand cloud computing see Introduction to Cloud Computing

sfdc follow MVC design pattern to under stand this see Model View Controller

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    1. This tutorial helps you to understand the basic concepts of (SFDC). Currently, is the number one on-demand CRM application on the market. SFDC runs on the platform, reduces development cost, and witth it you can develop and deploy custom applications in very short time.

      Salesforce is a cloud computing technology. It is available on the cloud, There is no needto install any software and practially no hardware is required (outside of a computer with web browser).

      In you can either develop our own applications or if you need any application on-demand, you can buy it from the App Exchange – a market place where SFDC users buy and sell custom applications.

    2. Thank’s for sharing this information. This salesforce tutorial are very easy to understand for a beginner like me. congratulations for this amazing and very helpful website. It really really helpful for me.

  1. In which version is using in companies the above stuff is OK for me to prepare and search for job and I need real time scenarios pls for 2.5 yes exp

    1. Now Salesforce is on Spring 14 release. Salesforce will upgrade their servers 3 times per year. THose are Spring , summer and winter. API version of Spring 14 is 30.0

  2. As per my understanding salesforce used to maintain internal organizational and customers data to improves sales and for marketing purposes etc. Why should companies uses Salesforce.Wht are the benifits? Why cant they maintain their own infra for maintainins this type of data? Wht type of companies uses SFDC?.Pls give some examples.

    1. most of the companies go for crm because they cant maintain the process of workflows and usually what work should assign for employee.these all things are integrated in salesforce so thats why they are using salesforce

  3. Good stuff…. .How to write test class for the triggers and class
    Can you Explain me i am unble to understand test classess please guide me..Thanku..

  4. how to write mapping resume skills and client requirement skill into sales force…

    example : i have a Profile You have requirement for the position of java/.net ….

    if source resume in portal….like monster/ Naukri .then find few profiles related in your requirements….

    is the same process work on sales force or not..
    if possible give me solution please?

  5. mostly what type of apps are developed in SF. please give some examples Because what type of projects i’m mention in my resume.

  6. Please suggest, I am in software testing, and one of my well wisher told me that in Sales-force too much scope and very bright future available.
    Please clear as I don’t have Programming background will it worth for me to learn or get involve in Sale force technology.

    1. Hi Manyak, There are many opportunities in salesforce now. You don’t need much programming languge experience to learn salesforce. If you have knowledge on basic oops concepts, then you can learn this easily.

      1. Hi Krish, is this material enough to learn Salesforce for a Salesforce Tester position? I am getting many calls for Salesforce teseter positions because of my 5 months of Salesforce Testing experience. I don’t know what to prepare! Please help me! Thanks Much!

      2. I am planning to jump in Salesforce in to admin. I do have sales and marketing background with my bachelor in computer application but never worked in IT. I want to start my first baby step in this segment. I do not know here to start boz there is huge amount of info available. Please guide me start point

    1. provides CRM functionolity on cloud & you can develop your own custom application. is a platform to develop application.

    2. Salesforce is a cloud based technology. It is being used as a service and it is SaaS (Software as a Service), it can be customised according to your company business, can be integrated with ERP systems for different sales and marketing business functionality with very minimal cost. You can also automate your business process with the help of Visual Workflows. It has lot of other benefits in it.

  7. hi,

    i am acompletely new to this sales force and i want to do course on this technology . I dont know which is better among sales force admin and sales force developement plesae suggest me which one is better

  8. I am new for this technology, i am working in flatform for five years now i want to change my job profile in this tech.

  9. Hi currently i am sharepoint developer ..and want to learn salesforce admin ….what skills does it require and how to get tutorials as most of them are paid….

  10. Hi sir i done mca in the year of 2014.i have to learn salesforce ..
    what skills does to requeried and which one to choose .do you have any fresher openings?

    1. Hi Santosh, If you have knowledge on basic opps concepts, you can easily learn both admin and development in very short time. Many jobs opportunities are available on salesforce in the market now.

  11. Hi,
    I work on SQL. Can I get good opportunity in Salesforce in same profile. If yes, please let me know about it. Please suggest me best way to learn Salesforce, what kind of languages or programming skills required for Salesforce.
    Thank You!

  12. Hi Krish,
    I work on SQL. I want to change my job and I want to learn SalesForce. Can you please suggest me that which language I need to learn for SalesForce. Can I get opportunities in development or Admin.

  13. Very nice content.. simple and detailed explanation. Good work.
    I have a request to you. Could you please also make pdf format of this tutorial site posts, to download?
    It would be great if this site content can be available as ebook also.

  14. I am working as developer with C#. Could you tell me that If i will switch in will good for me. I have 2 year experience

  15. i am working in software testing production support using linux netezza and oracle for past few years. Can i switch my career in salesforce side in admin developer and consultant side. Please suggest me. What is the scope.

  16. Hello Krish,
    I have recently started working in Salesforce and would like to get certified. I see that there new certifications available now(like PD1) instead of Dev-401. Can you please suggest in what sequence should a developer be giving the new certifications?

  17. Hello Krish,

    First of all, thank you very much for the great service. It is a great help

    How often is the site kept up to date? Could you please tell what the latest release of SFDC the information on the site covers? Is there any dynamic content that might change when a new release comes out, especially something we should keep track of from a certification exam perspective?


  18. In my project, I am saving or tracking the list of errors in an excel sheet. So is there any other way to track the list of errors.

    1. Hello Naidu,

      ap2 or ap5 are instances in salesforce, To switch to “Salesforce classic” click on user icon (Next to notifications/bell symbol) and there click on “Switch to classic” hyper link. You will routed to “”.


      Sai Dheeraj Erranki

  19. Awesome explanation for beginners.. I have 2+ years of experience into other sector..I’d like to start my career into there any chance now??let me know.

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