What is Salesforce Knowledge ?

Salesforce Knowledge is one of the best feature provided by Salesforce.com to create, manage and securely share our company information when needed. In salesforce we built it from knowledge article where the Knowledge article provides the information about the product. These Salesforce knowledge articles are written by experienced service agent and published in customer, partner communities and public websites. This application delivers knowledge across your call center, website, portals, Google search results and social communities. You can categories and organize information and quickly search for relevant articles that are filtered based upon what you know about the customer, attach the docs to cases or other records and even email the article. Smart links in Salesforce knowledge automatically adjusted when we change the URL name of the article. In Salesforce, we can create smart links in two ways they are

  • Smart link to Salesforce knowledge articles through Search.
  • Smart link to knowledge articles through URL’s.

This feature is available in Enterprise, Performance, Developer and Unlimited editionssalesforce knowledge

These are the five important steps.

  1. Building our own knowledge base.
  2. Creating Knowledge article Types.
  3. Importing existing information into Salesforce knowledge.
  4. Providing User permission control access to knowledge articles.
  5. Creating Workflow and Approvals for some knowledge articles.

Salesforce knowledge limitations.

  • We can create upto 50,000 knowledge articles.
  • We have nearly 100 article types.
  • We can create upto 5 field types.
  • We can track article history up to 18 months.
  • Salesforce knowledge articles supports 16 different languages.
  • We can attach file field size upto 25MB.

Tips before creating Knowledge articles in Salesforce.

  • Public users can not access rated articles in Salesforce.
  • To avoid storage shortages, we must review the usage regularly.
  • Before writing Knowledge articles, we must have clear understanding about type of articles.
  • We must create workflow rules to articles if required.
  • It is required to create approval processes for some article types in salesforce.com.