What is a Contact in Salesforce ?

What is a contact in Salesforce? What are the details we can store in a Contact and how can we create a new contact in Salesforce.com. Check the following Salesforce Tutorial to learn about contacts in salesforce.com.

What is a contact in salesforce?

In Salesforce.com, Contact records are used for individuals to store personal information and business information. In contacts we can store phone numbers, E-mail address, Department name, Birthday, Lead Source, Account name, Fax, physical addresses, titles and custom information that’s important to your company. When contacts are added to an account, case, contract or opportunity they can be assigned a role that they play in that record. These roles are customizable for your Organization. If we Don’t link Contacts  to an account, then the contacts are always treated as private. Only administrator can view those contacts and not Sharing Rule is applied to Private account in Salesforce. Last name field is required when creating new contact in salesforce.

How to create a Contact in Salesforce.com?

Above we have learnt about What is a contact in Salesforce? What are the details we can store in a Contact. Now we learn about how to create a new contact in salesforce.com. Follow the steps given below to create new contact in salesforce.com.

  • To create new contact in salesforce go to Contacts Tab.

creating contact in salesforce0

  • After selecting Contacts Tab select new as shown below.

creating contact in salesforce01

Now we are required to enter contact information, Address information, Additional information and description information while creating new contact in salesforce.

What is a Contact in Salesforce.com

  • Enter First name, Last name, name of the account, Title, Department name, lead Source, mobile number, Email address and other details for contact and finally Save it.

After saving contact, Contact details will be displayed in detailed view. If we want to change contact details in salesforce select request update.

creating contact in salesforce1