Marketing Campaign


Marketing Campaign, In Salesforce CRM, Marketing management is one of the key functionality to get more business. As part of standard of functionality, Salesforce providing Campaign custom object to track campaigns and this object has properties like Name, Active, Type, Status, Start date, end date, Expected Revenue, Budget and we can add more properties based on our needs.

What is Campaign? All of us know about this term as this is the starting step to get success in your business, not only in business, if you see politics, Campaign is the first step to promote their party/Candidate.

Nowadays, each and every company (small/medium/large/ Extra Large?) is conducting campaigns to achieve their goals in business. The main purpose of this campaign is to get more leads. If you get more leads, you may get more business. Leads may come from many ways, through campaigns, through referrals, through online etc… You can easily promote your product using this.

There are different type of campaigns like public meetings, TV advertisements, online advertisements, Banners advertisements, phone advertisements (call/message), and email advertisements. The purpose of each and every type to promote business, to get leads and to get more profits.

How companies will target to promote their products/services? Companies target existing customers, new customers, Existing leads and new leads.
Is every one can create Campaigns? No, the users having “marketing user” permission enabled at user level and based on their profile permissions users can create, edit or delete.

To enable user permission login to your Salesforce org, go to user detail page and enable “Marketing user” permission. See the below image for reference.

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