Salesforce workflow, salesforce workflow automation examples

Salesforce Workflow is a business logic that evaluates the records as they are created, updated in an object to apply automated process like Assigning Tasks, Emails, Field Update and outbound message sending. Basically these workflows are used to do automated process. Workflows are very critical to an organization because they give the ability to enforce key business process easily with out needing to write any code. In this tutorial we are going to study about Salesforce workflow, what is workflow, salesforce workflow examples, workflow rules.

To create workflows in salesforce go to Setup=>Build=>Create=>Workflows&Approvals=>Workflow Rules.

salesforce workflow

Salesforce Workflow types

Generally in Salesforce workflows are of two types.

  • Immediate action Workflow : Immediate action Workflow triggers immediate action when criteria is met.
  • Time Dependent action Workflow :Time Dependent action workflow triggers the action like sending automated E-mails, field update, Task assignment and sending outbound Messages depending on the time set.

Steps to be considered Before Creating Workflows in Salesforce.

1. Choose the Object on which you want to create Workflow.

2. Evaluation Criteria :- In Evaluation Criteria we are having three options in which we have to select any one of then they are.

  • Created : It happens only once
  • Created, and every time it’s edited :- It happens every time when a record is edited.
  • Created, and any time it’s edited to subsequently meet criteria : It fires action one time when we edited record and saved.

3. Rule Criteria : In Rule Criteria we define some rule to run when the criteria is met.Here we have two options.

  • Criteria are met.
  • Formula evaluates to True.

4. Workflow Action : Selection of actions like Immediate actions or Time Based Action.

  • Immediate Workflow : In Immediate Workflow we have the actions to be performed New Task, New Email Alert, New Field Update, New outbound Message, Select existing action.
  • Time-Dependent Workflow Action : Here we add Time Trigger where we mention Date that the action to be triggered.