Salesforce Interview Question – Part 8

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78. What is the Bulk Triggers?

  • All the triggers are bulk triggers by default, and can process multiple records at a time. We should always plan on processing more than one record at a time.

79. What is the difference between giving with sharing and without sharing while creating a class?

  • The class with sharing means we are enabling the access to the profiles. The class without sharing means we are disabling the access to the profiles.

80. Can we put list in the Map?

  • Yes, we can put list in the Map. Please find the code below.

Map<Id, List<Opportunity>> MapList=New Map<Id, List<Opportunity>>();

81. What is the Rollup Summary?

  • A read-only field that displays the sum, minimum, or maximum value of a field in a related list or the record count of all records listed in a related list.

82. How can we implement a scheduler in

  • In we have a concept of scheduling the apex. We can write a block of code which can be scheduled at particular point of time in a week.

83. What are the different types of the trigger events?

An event in a trigger refers to a situation when the trigger gets fired.

  • Before Insert: Before inserting the record into the database, the trigger will be fired.
  • Before Update: Before deleting a record, trigger will be fired.
  • Before Delete: Before Deleting the record, trigger will be fired.
  • After Insert: After Inserting a newly entered record into database, the trigger will be fired.
  • After Update: After modifying the record once it is saved to database. the trigger will be fired.
  • After Delete: After Deleting a record, if user need to perform any action, he can fire the trigger using this after delete event.
  • After Undelete: Once the record gets deleted, it will be sent to recycle bin to its respective object and the transaction is done.

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