Salesforce Interview Questions and Answers – 4

32. How we can change the Grant access using role hierarchy for standard objects?

                Not possible.

33. What is the use of “Transfer Record” in profile?

                If user have only Read access on particular record but he wants to change the owner name of that record, then in profile level Transfer Record enables he can able to change the owner.

34. What is Field dependency?

                According to the field selection on one field filter the pick list values on other field.

35. Is check box performs like controlling field?

                Yes possible. Controlling field should be Check box or pick list.

36. How many field dependencies we can use in Visual Force page?

                Maximum we can use 10 field dependencies in VF page.

37. What is Roll-up summary?

                Roll-up displays the count of child records and calculate the sum, min and max of fields of the child records.

38. How to create Roll-up summary field on lookup relation?

                Not possible. Roll-up summary is enabled for only Master –Detail relationship.

39. What are the Record Types?

                 Record Types are restrict the pick list values and assign to the different page layouts for different Record Types.

40. What is Audit Trail?

                Audit Trail provides the information or track all the recent setup changes that an administrator done to the organization.

         This can store the last 6 months data.

41.  What are the Report Types?

       4 Types of report in Salesforce

     Tabular Reports: We can only displays the grand total in the table form.

    Summary Reports: It is a detail form of report in which the grouping done based on Columns.

     Matrix Reports: It is a detail form of report in which the grouping done based on both Rows and Columns.

     Joined Reports: We can join the two or more reports in the single report displayed in the form of blocks.

42. What is Dashboard?

                Dashboard is a pictorial representation of report. We can add up to 20 reports in single dashboard.

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