What is visualforce?

Visualforce is a markup language that allows defining user interface components in Salesforce. This is a very interesting tool which runs o force.com platform. By using page layouts, we can easily configure the User interface. But by using visualforce pages, you can develop your own customized user interface.

Here in Visualforce Tutorial, I am providing information about, how to work with visualforce pages. Hope this will help you to understand basic of visualforce pages.

Visualforce Tutorial

Introduction to visualforce pages

Creating visualforce page

Standard Controllers

Custom controllers & Controller Extension

Standard List Controllers

What is view State?

How to display visualforce page as a pdf?

apex:selectList with standard list Controller – SalesforceTutorial

<apex:actionFunction> tag in visualforce page

<apex:actionPollar> tag in visualforce page

<apex:actionStatus> tag in visualforce page

Overriding Standard button with visualforce page

Visualforce page to add multiple records

Disabling the command buttons and Grey out the total vf page on any action

how to hide approve/Reject links in the home page?

How to display alert on Salesforce standard/custom object page layouts?

How to use reRender & rendered attributes?

Salesforce Visualforce Page Tags

Above are the few examples to understand visual force basics. To learn more about visualforce pagesee salesforce vf guide