Salesforce Interview Questions and Answers – 3

22. What are the actions in workflow?    

1. Email Alert

2. Task

3. Field Update

4. Outbound Message

Go through the below link for the more information about workflow actions

23.  How many ways we can made field is required?

1. While creation of field

2. Validation rules

3. Page Layout level

24.  What is difference between Role and Profile? 

Role is Record level access and it is not mandatory for all users.

Profile is object level and field level access and it is mandatory for all users.

25. What is the maximum size of the PDF generated on visualforce attribute renderAs?


26.  How many controllers can be used in a visual force page? 

Salesforce come under SAAS so, we can use one controller and as many extension controllers.

27.  What is difference between Action support and Action function?

Action function:  Invoke the controller method from java script using AJAX and we can use action function from different places on visual force page.

Action support: Invoke the controller method using AJAX when even occurs on page like onMouseOver, onClick, ect… and we can use action support for a particular single apex component.

28. How many ways we can call the Apex class?

1. Visual force page

2. Web Service

3. Triggers

4. Email services

29. How to create Master Details relationship between existing records?

Directly we can’t create Master Detail relationship between existing records, first we have to create Lookup relationship and provide valid lookup fields and it shouldn’t  null.

30. What is permission set?

Permission sets extend user’s functional access without changing user’s profile.

Ex:  A user has only read access through profile on custom object, administrator want to give access Edit and create operations to him without changing the profile. Administrator creates the permission set having edit and creates operation on custom object and assign to that user.

31. What is manual sharing?

Manual sharing is to share a record to a particular user manually.

Go to detail page of record and click on manual sharing button and assign that record to other user with Read or Read/Write access.

Manual Sharing button enables only when OWD is private to that object.

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