Salesforce Interview Questions – Part 3.

Salesforce interview Question asked in 2014 and 2015 in different companies.

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34. What are the report Types?

Record types are used to display different picklist values and page layouts to different users based on their profiles.

35. How to make the Record type as default?

By using profiles.

Go to the particular profile and by using Record Type Settings we can make the Record types as default.

36. What is the Customer Portal and Partner Portal?

Customer portal: A Customer Portal similar to a Self – Service Portal in that it provides an online support channel for your customers – allowing them to resolve their inquires without contacting a customer service representive.

37. Tell me one Governor Limit?

Total number of SOQL queries issued200
Total number of records retrieved by SOQL queries50000
Total number of records retrieved by SOQL queries20
Total number of records retrieved by a single SOSL query.200
Total number of DML statements issued150

38. What are the annotations in the Apex?

An Apex annotation modifies the way a method or class is used, similar to annotations in Java.

  • @Deprecated.
  • @Future.
  • @Is Test.
  • @ReadOnly.
  • @RemoteAction.

39. What is @IsTest annotation?

Use the isTest annotation to define classes or individual methods that only contain code used for testing you application.

40. How many controller extensions we can use?

Any number of controller extensions.

41. What are the Collections?

  • Lists.
  • Maps.
  • Sets.

42. What are the difference between the Sets and Maps?

  • A Set is an unordered collection of primitives or sObjects that do not contain any duplicate elements.
  • A Map is a collection of key-value pairs where each unique key maps to a single value. Keys can be primitive data type, while values can be a primitives, sObject, collection type or an Apex object.

43. What are the data types we can give for the Key and Values in Maps?

  • Keys – Primitive Data Types.
  • Values – Primitive, sObject, Collection Type or an Apex Object.

44. Have you Implemented record type in your project?

Yes, we have created Record Types and we have done Page Layout Assignment also.

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