Salesforce Interview Questions and Answers – 1

Salesforce Interview Questions and Answers – 1

1. What is App in Sales force?

An app is a group of tabs that work as a unit to provide functionality. Users can switch between apps using the app drop-down menu at the top-right corner of every page.

You can customize existing apps to match the way you work, or build new apps by grouping standard and custom tabs.

Navigation to create app in Sales force: Setup ->Build ->Create->App-> Click on new and create your application according to your requirements.

2. What is object in Sales force?

Custom objects are database tables that allow you to store data specific to your organization in You can use custom objects to extend functionality or to build new application functionality.

Once you have created a custom object, you can create a custom tab, custom related lists, reports, and dashboards for users to interact with the custom object data. You can also access custom object data through the API.

Navigation to create object in sales force: Setup->Build->Create->Object-> Click on new object and create object according to your requirement.

3. How many relationships included in SFDC & What are they? 

We are having two types of relationships, they are

Lookup Relationship

Master-Detail Relationship

4.  What is a “Lookup Relationship”?

This type of relationship links two objects together,

Up to 25 allowed for object

Parent is not a required field.

No impact on a security and access.

No impact on deletion.

Can be multiple layers deep.

Lookup field is not required.

5. What is “Master-Detail Relationship”?

Master Detail relationship is the Parent child relationship. In which Master represents Parent and detail represents Child. If Parent is deleted then Child also gets deleted. Rollup summary fields can only be created on Master records which will calculate the SUM, AVG, MIN of the Child records.

Up to 2 allowed to object.

Parent field on child is required.

Access to parent determines access to children.

Deleting parent automatically deletes child.

A child of one master detail relationship cannot be the parent of another.

Lookup field on page layout is required.

6. How can I create Many – to – Many relationship?

Lookup and Master detail relationships are one to many relationships. We can create many – to – Many relationship by using junction object. Junction object is a custom object with two master detail relationships.

7.  A custom object contains some records, now my requirement is to create field in this object with master detail relationship. Can we create master detail relationship in this case?

   No, directly we cannot create master details relationship if custom object contains existing records.

   Following are the steps to create to create master-detail relationship when records are available in custom object.

  1. First create field with lookup relationship.
  2. And then associate look field with parent record for every record

       3. Next change the data type of the field from look up to Master detail.

8. List examples of custom field types?

Text, Pick list, Pick list (multi select), Date, Email, Date/Time, Date, Currency, Checkbox, Number, Percent, Phone, URL, Text Area, Geolocation, lookup relationship, master detail relationship etc…..

9. What is TAB in Salesforce?

   Tab is a user interface component to user creates to display custom object data.

   There are three type of tabs.

        Custom Tabs

        Visual force Tabs

         Web Tabs

10. Does user can create insert their own custom logo, while creating their own custom applications?

Yes user can upload their custom logo in documents and then they choose that logo for organization.

11. List things that can be customized on page layouts?

  We can customize different things on page layout like, Fields, Buttons, Custom Links and Related Lists. We can also create sections.

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54 thoughts on “Salesforce Interview Questions and Answers – 1”

  1. Hi,
    I think ans of 3rd question is wrong. We have three relationships in salesforce.
    1) Lookup
    2) master-detail
    3) Many to Many

    1. many to many is ALSO a master detail relationship but the diff is we can create two master detalils in one obj is called many to many (or) junction obj

    2. hi think ans of 3rd question is wrong.we have 4 relationships in salesforce
      1)look up
      2)master detail
      3)many to many
      4)hierarchy relationship(it is available on user object only)

    3. No, the re are only two, look up and master- detail. Although, you can have two master objects with two master details, which is accomplished through custom object.

    4. yes santosh you are right but there are mainly two types of relationship in salesforce lookup and master detail.we can apply many to many relation with the help of junction object by using master detail

    5. many to many is like master relation ship only. one to many is lookup relation ship and many to many is master relation ship

    6. Hi Santosh,
      I thing your ans is wrong. We have only two relationship in salesforce.
      2. Master detail relationship
      and many to many relationship or self relationship we are create in custome functionality not for configuration part..

    7. We have total 2 relationship in Salesforce 1) Lookup 2) Master Detail.

      People say Many to Many is one of the relationship in salesforce, but it is a kind of object relationship.

  2. There are 3 relation ships.
    1. Lookup relationship(this is of internal type)
    2. Master Detail Relationship
    2a. One to one
    2b. One to many
    2c. Many to Many(possible by using junction object)
    3. External Lookup Relationship

  3. There are six types of relationships in SFDC:

    2.Look Up
    4.Many to Many
    5.Roll-up summary and
    6.Hierarchial relationships.

      1. we have only two relationships

        many to many is the m-d varint

        self n hierearchial are look up variants..

  4. for question No 5: Rollup summary fields can only be created on Master records which will calculate the SUM, AVG, MIN of the Child records.

    But, we cannot calculate the AVG of child records using Rollup summary.

    1. Roll-up Summary : Roll-up Summary is also a read-only field type. By using this Roll-up Summary data types we are able to make some mathematical calculations like Sum, Minimum, Maximum values of a afield in a related list or the record count of all records listed in a related list.

  5. There are 6 types of relationships in sfdc

    1.self relationship
    2.lookup relationship
    3.master detail relationship
    4.many to many relationship
    5.rollup summary
    6.hierarchial relationship

  6. Hi,

    upon click of new button of Custom field and relationship, you will find below 3 options.

    3.External Lookup


  7. if Qn. is how many relation ship in salesforce then two: look-up and master-details
    but if Qn is how many relation over object then it will contain all one to one
    many to one
    and all …
    Thank you
    Lalit Sharma… any Qn mail me.

  8. I was wondering how to concatenate two fields for example to display age in terms of years and months in a single filed

  9. There are only two relationships:

    Look up and Master Detail. Hierarchical is a look-up type of relationship available only for user object and Many-to-Many is a type of Master Detail relationship that is established through junction object.

  10. Please update this tutorial..In salesforce many of things are updated but still here old one.

    e.g lookup relationship show here 25…but Now it is 40.

    Thank you.

  11. Relationships in salesforce
    1. Lookup
    2. MasterDetail
    3. Hierarchial
    4. External Lookup Relationship
    5. Indirect Lookup Relationship

    We can create more relationships like
    1. Self relationship
    2. junction object (for many to may relationship)

  12. In the question 5, You have mentioned child of Master-Detail Relation can not be parent of another. But, It’s possible in salesforce. Child of MD relationship can be master in another MD Relation.

  13. HI All,

    I have created two custom objects in salesforce and populated data and while giving a lookup relationship between two tables and creating a dataset I am getting an error like “Can’t find dimension dimension_name in update dataset”.

    Please suggest me a way to overcome this issue.

  14. 3 Types of Relationship :

    Lookup-Based on the object
    Master-Detail Master object
    Many-to-Many Primary master object and Secondary master object

  15. Relationship Among the Objects :

    1. Master Detail
    2. Look UP
    Hierarchical Relationship : It is a special lookup relationship for the user object.
    3. Many-to-Many
    Many-to-Many can be formed using 2 Master Detail Relationships.
    But it also allows each record of one object to be linked to multiple records from another object and vice versa.

  16. In salesforce only two relationships we have
    1.Lookup relationship(one to one and one to many) these are stand alone objects ex: account and contact
    2.masterdetail relationship( master object restricts and controls detail object) if we delete master object automatically detail object also deleted.

    We have hierarchical relationship it is special type of lookup relationship and mainly we can use only on user object for creating management chains between users.

  17. There are only 2 relationships in salesforce, which are

    1. Lookup
    2. Master Detail

    Where, Many to Many is supported by 2 Way Master Detail Relationship across Junction object. S, this is also comes under Master Detail relationship category.

    And Self relationship supports Look up relationship behavior in it.
    I would like to conclude that 2 type of relationships sales force ha at present which can be defined by selecting such relationship datatype from the created object and then, connect with another objects field to allow selected relationship work.

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