What is Salesforce.com?

What is Salesforce.com is the question raised for the candidates new to Salesforce.com. “Salesforce.com is software as a service (SaaS)“, which means customers need not to install software and servers to maintain.  In salesforce.com we have to sign up an account and instantly we can use the software to run our business. Generally Salesforce.com offers a 30 trial and since there is no contract, you can cancel at any time and walk away if it’s not a fit for your business.

Salesforce.com consists of several products like Sales, Service & Support, Partner Relationship Management, Marketing, Content, Ideas, Analytics, and Chatter. In Salesforce.com developer can extend the system by writing applications using Apex and Visualforce languages on the Force.com platform. In recent times most companies get started on salesforce.com to track their valuable customers efficiently.What is Salesforce.com

What is Salesforce CRM? Salesforce CRM definition?

Salesforce CRM is a set of business processes and integrated application that help companies manage customer information, activities, and conversations in one centralised location.

Different Salesforce clouds.

Generally Salesforce.com provides services in four types of clouds they are

  1. Sales Cloud.
    1. Accounts and Contacts.
    2. Marketing and Leads.
    3. Opportunities and Quotes.
    4. Approval and Workflow.
    5. Email and Productivity.
    6. Content Library.
    7. Analytics and Forecasting.
    8. Chatter.
    9. partners.
    10. Mobile.
    11. Jigsaw Data Services.
    12. AppExchange and many more.
  2. Service Cloud.
    1. Case Management.
    2. Call Center.
    3. Contracts and Entitlements.
    4. Customer Portal.
    5. Knowledge.
    6. Analytics.
    7. Chatter.
    8. Email.
    9. Community.
    10. Partners.
    11. Approval and Workflow.
    12. AppExchange.
  3. Collaboration Cloud
  4. Force.com Custom Cloud.

Advantages and benefits of Force.com.

Building applications on the Force.com platform is faster, less expensive, and produces higher quality applications than building on traditional on-premises platforms. Industry Force.com platform is 5X faster at ½ the cost because of cloud computing.

  1.  Delivers faster time to value.
  2. Requires no up-front capital expenses.
  3. Minimises operational costs.
  4. Requires fewer technical resources.
  5. Simplifies integration.

Salesforce.com Pricing and Editions.

Salesforce.com offers three service cloud editions that you can choose. Each edition has slightly different functionalities and pricing. They are

  1. Professional.
  2. Enterprise.
  3. Unlimited.