SaaS – Software as Service

SaaS means “Software as a Service”. Through this Services all the software’s are distributed over the cloud. By using Software as a service no need to install any software all software’s are readily available over the internet. Software as a Service(SaaS) is an substantial cloud service provided to all types of organizations with out any risk of software. SaaS supports Web Services and service oriented architecture (SOA).

 software as a service - SaaS

Examples of SaaS.

  • Gmail.
  • Facebook.
  • Twitter.
  • Flickr.

Advantages of SaaS cloud service.

  1. Initial cost for hardware setup is reduced.
  2. Administration can be easily done.
  3. We can get automatic updates from cloud service providers.
  4. Patch management from cloud service providers is available.
  5. All users will find same version of software we update is for all users hence it is compatible, Accessible across the globe on every device.

Top cloud providers (SaaS).

  1. Abiquo.
  2. Accelops.
  3. Akamai.
  4. App Dynamics.
  5. Apprenda.
  6. MegaWare.
  7. Cloud9.
  8. Cloud Switch.
  9. CloudTran.
  10. Cumulux.
  11. Eloqua.