What is Force.com Platform : In our previous salesforce tutorials we have learned about Salesforce Object Query language (SOQL). In this salesforce Training Tutorials we are going to learn about force.com platform, what is force.com platform, benefits of force.com platform, Technologies used in force.com platform and force.com platform architecture.

What is force.com platform ?

Before learning about force.com platform we are able to know what is force.com platform. Force.com platform is the world’s first Platform as a Service(PaaS) provided by salesforce.com which enables developers to create and delivery any kind of Application with out using any software in the cloud.

Force.com platform is a new concept in Cloud computing which is very useful for all types of companies and radically every company is successful by translating their ideas in to deployed applications in record time.

What is force.com platform architecture ?

Force.com platform is an optimized meta driven architecture which delivers extraordinary performance, scalability and Customization for on demand, Multitenant applications in salesforce.com.

What is Force.com Platform | Force.com Platform

In force.com every thing is available for developers to develop any application. In force.com platform every thing is stored in the form of metadata that the platforms engine can use and generate the virtual application components at run time.  In detail if a developer is building an application in force.com platform and using for many forms, reports, workflows. user access privileges, business logic and many other data tables in his custom application to develop new custom application. Every thing he uses is stored in the form of meta data.

Force.com does not creates any data base tables or does not compile any code every thing  is stored in the form of meta data that the platforms engine can use and generate the virtual application components at run time. So meta data is the key ingredient in force.com platform.

  • UDD means Universal Data Dictionary.
  • Meta Data Cache : Meta Data Cache is used to store most recently used in order to avoid performance sapping disk I/O and code recompilations. And also it increases application response time.
  • Virtual application components are generated at run time.
  • Pivot tables : Pivot tables are used to used to optimize large tables.

Force.com platform Applications.

  • Data centric apps can be developed in force.com Platform.
  • Data centric applications can be used in desktop databases like Microsoft Access.
  • Data centric applications can be used in large database management systems like Oracle and MySQL.
  • In force.com applications can be built in the form of plain text documents and HTML.
  • Multiple users can access force.com platform at a time.
  • Collaborative applications can be built with data and services which are shared to multiple user’s in different locations.
  • Web browser is only used to access any collaborative applications and no software is required.

Force.com platform has many application apart from these applications mentioned above.

 Technologies used in force.com platform.

Force.com platform uses the following technologies mentioned below.

  1. Multitenant architecture.
  2. Metadata driven development model.
  3. Force platform Web Services API.
  4. APEX.
  5. Visualforce.
  6. Force.com platform sites.
  7. App Exchange directory.