what is a product, price book and Quotes in salesforce ?

What is a product, price book and Quotes in salesforce, What is a product, What is Standard Price Book, What is a custom price book, What is a Quote.

What is a Product ?

  • Products are the actual items that you sell on your opportunities and quotes.
  • Products are associated to have one or more price books to create price book entries.
  • Products can exist in multiple price books with many different prices.

Example :- If we have a “India” price book with one set of prices for your products and a “Bangladesh” price book with a different set of prices. We can also create default revenue and/or quantity schedules for products or opportunity line items. By creating default revenue or quantity schedules  we can determine how default unit prices are handled. In Salesforce.com we can use the standard price book or we can create custom price books.

Standard Price Book :- The standard price book is automatically generated which contains master list of all products and standard prices regardless of the custom price books that also contain them. Before adding products to our opportunities or quotes, first we have to select the price book. When importing products you must also import price book entries. When using custom price books, we must add the product to the standard price book along with custom price book.

what is a quote in salesforce ?

A quote is a formal proposal for products and services that you are offering for a specific opportunity.

  • Opportunities can contain multiple quotes and quotes are created from an opportunity and its products.
  • In Salesforce.com, any change to line items on the opportunity will sync with products on the quote, when a quote and an opportunity are synced and vice versa.
  • You can also create templates that allow you to email completed quotes as PDFs to prospects.