– to find salesforce system status

How can we know about salesforce instance performance & scheduled maintenance status? In, we can find the status of salesforce instances & maintenance status. is a community provided by salesforce to know real time status system performance & security.

In this community we can find:
Live & recent system performance data.
Planned maintenance information.
We can know about security details like threats, recent email threats, best practices & Report suspicious email.
And also we can know about global privacy & salesforce tools.

Below image shows look and feel of this community.

In this community they will provide status with below options

 Instance available

 Performance issues

 Service disruption

 Informational message

 Status not available

In salesforce, instance starts with NA (ex: NA0, NA1…etc) represents North America Instance, instance starts with AP (ex: apo, ap1…) represents APAC and instance starts with EU (Eu0, EU1…etc) represents EMEA. We will also find sandbox status in this community. Sandbox instances starts with CS (ex: CS0, CS1, CS2… etc.).

How can we find which instance we are using?

If you want to find the instance your salesforce environment, then log into your salesforce account. And refer URl to find the instance. See below image for reference.

Salesforce Instance

For more information on this see salesforce reference