Visualforce Modular features :- In our previous Visualforce Training Tutorial we have learned about visualforce asynchronous action components. In this Salesforce Tutorial we are going to learn about Different visualforce modular features in

Visualforce Modular features

In, Visualforce pages consists of different modular features which consists of  smaller building blocks. Visualforce pages are the building blocks for developing different applications. Through visualforce pages we can provide rich user interface appearance and  behaviour to users.

There are some major modular features in visualforce that are helpful to create high maintainable modular features. In visualforce pages we use common function in a single place rather than repeating in different pages. Some of the visualforce modular features are

  • Static Resource :- In Static resources we can store images, Scripts, HTML, CSS, PDF, word documents and different static content can be stored in static resources. All these static resources can be used in visualforce pages. We can find static resource in here.

Go to Develop=>Static Resources.

Visualforce Modular features

Static resource

  • Visualforce page Inclusion :- In visualforce pages can be inserted in other visualforce page. Using include component we can insert visualforce page in other visualforce page.
  • Visualforce Composition :- To create powerful modular visualforce pages composition plays an important role in visualforce. Using composition we can create static and dynamic templates for visualforce pages.
  • Custom components :- Different custom components are available in visualforce to develop rich user interface visualforce pages.