Different Visualforce Action Components : In this Visualforce Training Tutorial we are going to learn about advanced topics on Visualforce.  Here we  learn about what are the different visualforce action components used in visualforce pages that interacts with controllers. In visualforce Salesforce.com has provided different action components to built various aplications with out using different Javascript code, ajax and different javascript libraries. All these applications are integrated with different scripts and HTML components automatically when visualforce components are used in VF pages to give rich user interactive experience to users.

What is an Action Component in Visualforce ?

Action Component invokes with a method in a controller and used to submit, delete, edit or any other action function can be done.

Different Visualforce Action Components

When writing visualforce page we can use ajax in pages. Visualforce supports ajax in two ways. They are

  • Visualforce action components allows different actions to run on background.
  • Visualforce action components can be used to refresh a different visualforce subsets like tables.

Different Visualforce Action Components.

  • Partial page reference using reRender attribute.
  • Actionfunction Components.
  • ActionPoller Component.
  • ActionSupport Component.
  • ActionStatus Component.

When a page is partially refreshed rather than refreshing entire page give rich experience to user and also it gives better page loading performance. Above mentioned action components will be clearly explained in our next visualforce tutorials.