A New analysis in Salesforce Optimizer Reports – Summer’17 release

What is Salesforce Optimizer? Optimizer evaluates your implementation to determine how your company uses certain Salesforce features, then identifies ways that you can improve your implementation for your company.

Optimizer provides analysis report on Storage, Fields, custom code, Custom Layouts for objects, Reports and dashboards, validation rules, sharing rules, workflow rules, User Management and profiles and permission sets.

Below are the additional items added to Salesforce optimizer reporting with summer’17 release.

  1. File storage limits.
  2. Data storage limits.
  3. New Apex and Visualforce code that’s running out-of-date API versions.
  4. Page Layouts that are not assigned to record types and record types that are not added to profiles.
  5. Roles that are not assigned to roles.
  6. A User who access Salesforce on unsupported browsers.
  7. Checks for reports and dashboards that have not been run more than a year.