User Security and Authentication in

When a new account in created, a unique “Organization ID” is generated. This Org ID is very important at the time that we contact for support, billing or activation of features. This Org ID is used for both security and data access.

Overview on Production ID and Organization ID.

Production ID and Org ID are different. Our production ID will always remain the same but a new Organization ID will be generated each time your refresh a sandbox. So if any third party tools are licensed with this Org ID will get effected. Every user must have unique username and password to login into the platform. This determines the instance and Org ID for the user and ties these identifiers to their session. Each request to the platform utilizes this session and the associated Org ID to segment and compartmentalize data protecting your company’s data from users outside your Org.

How to find Organization ID in

TO check Organization ID user must login into salesforce account using username and password. Then go to Setup=>Administer=>Company=>Company Information. On selecting company information we can observe a filed named with Organization ID.User security and Authentication in

Authentication using Single Sign On.

In usernames must be unique across all production and sandbox environments. Production Organisations cannot have the same username “”, but same user name can exist in both a production and a sandbox Org. Every Company utilize single sign-on(SSO) to simplify and standardize user authentication through delegated or federated authentication in salesforce.

What is Single Sign On(SSO)?

Single Sign on is the process that allows all networks users to access authorized network resources through single username and password with out having different usernames and passwords.

There are two types of authentication in they are delegated authentication and federated authentication.

What is Federated Single Sign on Authentication.

In salesforce, if Federated single sign on Authentication is enabled then the salesforce does not validate user’s password. Instead of validating user’s password salesforce verifies an insertion in the HTTP POST request and allows single sign on if the assertion is TRUE, if assertion is false salesforce does not allows SSO.

What is Delegate Single sign on Authentication.

Delegate Single Sign-On authentication is the second type of Single sign on in salesforce. If this type is enabled, salesforce allows web services to our organization to establish authentication credentials to the users instead of validating the users passwords.