Configuring Field Level Security for Key Company Goals

In our previous Salesforce tutorials we have learned about Tracking history for collaborator goals in In this Salesforce Training Tutorial we are going to learn abou Configuring Field level security for key company goals in

In Salesforce, key company goals are used to dispaly the company wide goals to every user in an organization. Comapny goals are the part of  so we are giving field level access to administrator and othr other users for creating key company goals.

Configuring Field Level Security for Key Company Goals.

To configure key company goals in follow the steps given below.

Go to Setup=>Customize=>>Goals=>Fields.

key company goals

Click on Fields to configure security settings as shown above.

Now we are taken to new page called Goal Standard Fields. Go to Is key Comapany Goal field and click on it.Configuring Field Level Security for Key Company Goals

Now click on Set Field-Level Security button as shown below.

key company goals1

Now we have to select visibility check box and make sure we should not select Read only check box. Select Field levle security visibility check box. When we select Read only check box for profiles we are not able to create key company goals in Salesforce.comkey company goals2
 Finally click on Save button to save all settings.