Saml, Saml 2.0, saml Tutorials

Saml, Saml 2.0: In this Training tutorial we are going to know clearly about   what is Security Assertion Markup Language , How does saml work,  identity providers, Security Assertion Markup Language Service Providers, assertion, Security Assertion Markup Language Authentication,Security Assertion Markup Language Authorization.

What is SAML ?

SAML means Security Assertion Mark Up Language and it is based on XML (Extensible Markup Language). Security Assertion Markup Language allows users to communicate about the authentication decision between one service provider and another service providers. Salesforce supports Security Assertion Markup Language for Single Sign On from  external or portal identity provider.

How SAML Works ?

Security Assertion Markup Language  is mainly based on trust. Here we are enabling Security Assertion Markup Language in salesforce for single sign on . Enabling Security Assertion Markup Language means we are creating connection between Service Provider and Identity Provider. We  can set Service Provider to connect with Identity Provider and the identity provider is connected to User. Then the Service Provider will trust the end user.

What is SAML Assertion?

 SAML assertion makes the request essential to provide access to the end user. It is directive from the Idp.  Attesting that the user is legitimate.

They are four key pieces of information in Assertion.

  1. Digital signature provide by Idp.
  2. Issuer: The name of the service Provider.
  3. Entity ID : The name of the service Provider.
  4. The Subject: user id.

What is SAML Identity Provider(IdP) ?

Identity Providers are those  which provide online resources by providing authentication to users over the network . Sometimes Identity Provider is also called as identity Service Provider or Identity Assertion Provider. Salesforce can be the Security Assertion Markup Language Identity provider.

What is SAML Service Providers (SP) ?

Service providers (SP)are those who provide resources like web services to a user over the internet by Single sign On. Salesforce can be a SAML Service Provider which can be accessed from another authentication server.

Salesforce Identity.

Salesforce is a center which provides us many managed, standards-based, authentication and authorization services.  Salesforce has many features below are the  some of the services they provide.

  • Salesforce as SAML IdP.
  • Salesforce as SAML SP.
  • OAuth Connected Apps.
  • Canvas Connected Apps.
  • Single sign on For communities , portals.