Configuration and Customization to develop salesforce application:

Configuration means by using UI we can easily develop applications in Salesforce. Customization means on top of those salesforce configurations we can write our own functionality ( Visualforce pages & Apex).

Below are the few concepts in salesforce, How to develop applications in Salesforce and how to configure and customize?

Creating Salesforce developer edition account

creating sfdc application

Creating objects and Tabs

Creating Custom Fields

Formula fields in salesforce

Creating Field Dependency

Object relationships in salesforce

Creating simple validation Rule

Using REGEX in validation Rules

Using VLOOKUP in validation Rules

Page Layouts and Record Types in sfdc

Editing related list name in page layout

Search Layouts

Workflows in salesforce

 Approval Process in salesforce 

Reports in salesforce

Creating Reports

Web to Lead concept in salesforce

Data import wizard in salesforce

Import Account from setup menu

Import Leads from setup menu

Using Data Loader in salesforce

How to install App Exchange applications

Communities configuration

What is chatter?

Working with chatter

Opportunity Splits in salesforce

Using Developer Console

SOQL ( Salesforce Object Query Language )

Relationship Queries in salesforce

Sobject Types

Primitive data types

How to write simple Apex Class

How to write simple Trigger in salesforce

How to create simple visualforce page

Visualforce controllers

Overriding standard button with visualforce page

Wrapper Class example

Under standing collections

Setup debug logs for certain users

Packages in Salesforce

What is

These are just a few basic concepts to know about Configuration & Customization in salesforce. There are a lot of concepts in salesforce to learn and very interesting concepts are there. Will post later 🙂