packages in Salesforce

A package is a bundle/Collection/container for list of components or related application. We can distribute these package to other salesforce organization and users. There are two types of package.

1. UnManaged Package
2. Managed Package


What is UnManaged Package?
– Unmanaged package is used to distribute open source applications to provide developers with with basic functionality.
– We can edit unmanged package components after installing the unmanaged package in a salesforce organization.
– The developer who created unmanged package has no control on installed components, can’t edit & can’t upgrade.

What is Managed Package?
– Managed package is used to distribute and sell application to customers. By using the App exchange developers can sell and mange user baser based licences to the managed package application.
– Managed packages are fully upgradable.
– To ensure seamless upgrades, certain destructive changes, like removing objects or fields, can not be performed.