Working with Salesforce Chatter:

What is Salesforce chatter? Chatter in salesforce allows you to collaborate the people with each other in your organization. You can connect with your coworkers and you can share information securely in real time. You can create groups like Facebook groups such public groups and private groups and you can invite your coworkers to join those groups by using salesforce chatter. And also you share your comments, add images and you can like others comments/posts.

By default Salesforce chatter is enabled now in Salesforce (Organizations created after 22nd June 2010). If this is not enabled to your organization and if you want to enable this setup follow below steps.

Make sure that you have “Customize application” user permission to do this setup.

1. Login to Salesforce.

2. Setup -> Customize -> chatter -> settings and ‘enable’ chatter under chatter settings and save.

See the below screen for reference.

Salesforce Chatter

Once you enabled chatter, by default Global header will be enabled to your organization. And also by default you may fallow few users and records.

By enable chatter few additional profile permissions will come at profile/permission set level. Those are

App Permissions:

Salesforce Chatter: When you enable this functionality automatically this application permission will be enabled for all your profiles in slaesforce. If you don’t want to give this application permission to some profiles, you can disable this permission.

Tab Permission:

Chatter : When you enable chat functionality, this tab will automatically enable (default on) to all profiles in your organization. If you don’t want display this to some profiles you can hide this tab.

Administrative permissions: Chatter Internal User, Create and Own New Chatter Groups, Invite Customers to Chatter, Moderate Chatter, and Manage Chatter Messages.

General User permissions: Create and Share Links to Chatter Files, Insert System Field Values for Chatter Feeds.

Important notes when you enable chatter in salesforce:

– After enabling this you will see new look and feel. Global header will enable there you can search your sobject records, chatter feeds, Groups and users.

– All users will automatically fallow when you enable this for organization with 15 or fewer users.

– This functionality is automatically available for salesforce1 apps when you enable in your org.

– Few standard publisher action available when  enable this. And also you can create your own publisher actions.

There are many more interesting things about salesforce chatter. See reference to more about salesforce chatter.