Creating custom fields in Salesforce

A field is like a custom Database column. Object field Store the data for our records. Salesforce by default provide few fields with salesforce standard objects those are called standard fields. We cannot delete salesforce standard field. If we want we can change label name. The field created by us are called Custom field. We can delete a custom field in Salesforce.

Creating fields in Salesforce

The path for creating a field for standard objects
Setup ->Build -> Customize ->select object-> Click on field-> Go to the custom field and relationships-> click on new button and create your custom field.

The path for creating a field for Custom object
Setup->Build->create->object->select object-> Go to custom field and relationship and create your field in custom object.

Important points About Custom field
Changing the data type of existing custom field is possible but it may cause data loss.
Deleting a custom field removes both the data and field.
The custom field is stored for 15 days in recycling in after deletion.
If data is lost any list view based on the custom field will be deleted and assignment and escalation rules may be affected.