Salesforce Chatter Profile Based Rollout to Boost collaboration : In our previous Salesforce Tutorials we have learned about different Salesforce Administration topics. In this Salesforce Training Tutorial we are going to learn about salesforce Chatter profile based roll out.

What is Salesforce chatter profile-based Rollout?

In Salesforce, profile based roll out are used to create and enable chatting features for specific users in an organization. This feature help salesforce chatter is available for some users only

We have to enable salesforce chatter profile based rollout  in our organization then we can turn chatter to that users. Users who have access to the profile based rollout can also have access to accounts, leads, opportunities etc.

Steps for enabling Profile based rollout in salesforce chatter.

  • To enable this feature salesforce administrator has to create a case with support.
  • After some time support enable this feature in our organization.
  • Now our organization has to set which users should have access to this salesforce chatter rollout.
  • System administrator modifies user permissions.
  • Now finally system administer can Turn-on chatter for the users.

Salesforce Chatter Profile Based Rollout to Boost collaboration