Permission Sets – Assigning permissions to users

In our previous Salesforce Tutorial we have learned about Assigning administrator to a in Salesforce. In this Salesforce Training Tutorial we are going to learn about Permission Sets & Assigning permissions to users in

What is Permission Set ?

In, permission sets defines the access level for the user.

Assigning Permission Sets to Users.

Before Assigning permissions sets to users in salesforce we have create permission sets with To learn about permission sets in Salesforce click on the link : perrmission sets in

Now go to Setup=>Administer=>Manage Users=>Users. Permission Sets

Select Users as shown above . Permission Sets 0

 Now click on the User name as shown above to assign permission sets to the user.

  • Now go to Permission Sets Assignments and click on Edit Assignments. Permission Sets 1

 click on Edit Assignments and we are taken to new page where we have to select permission set fom available, Permission Sets 2

 In this example we have only one permission set where I have created earlier. Move the available permission set to enabled permission Sets block using up and down arrows as show above.

  • Finally click on Save button to save all settings.