Assigning administrator in Salesforce

In our previous Salesforce Tutorial we have learned about Different features and also we learned about how to enable all features in In this Salesforce training Tutorial we are going to learn about  how to assign administrator in

Assigning administrator in Salesforce.

Before Assigning administrator in Salesforce, we have to activate all features in salesforce. As already we have activated all features let us learn how to assign administrator in salesforce.

  • Go to Administer=>Manage Users=>Users.

Assigning administrator in Salesforce

Click on Users as shown above.

  • Now select the use to which you want assign User license.
  • Click on Edit button as shown below.

Assigning administrator in Salesforce0

  • Now go to user and select th check box.

Assigning administrator in Salesforce1

Select the User check box as shown above and finally click on save button.