Salesforce Developer Training

From our previous salesforce tutorials  we have learned about different basics on Salesforce development like What are the different SOQL statements, Advanced SOQL Statements, what are the different Functions in SOQL, Different SOQL Tools, what are the different visualforce development tools, What are the different visualforce controllers, what are the different view components in visualforce, Different visualforce tags and what are the different action to be taken in production.

Advanced salesforce developer training

  Now we are clear with basics on Visualforce, through this advanced salesforce developer training we can create high interactive visualforce pages.

 Salesforce Developer Training has been divided into four sections.

  • How to use different action components in Visualforce pages.
  • How to build different modular visualforce pages using static resources. using include component, using composition.
  • How to extend visualforce page using JavaScript, using Adobe Flex.
  • How to Create Sites?

Advanced Salesforce Developer Training

  1. Different Asynchronous action Components
  2. Building Modular Visualforce pages.
  3. Extending Visualforce pages.
    • Extending Visualforce pages using JavaScript.
    • Extending Visualforce pages using Adobe Flex.
  4. Sites.
    • How to enable and create a site in
    • Enabling different Security Configurations.
    • How to add visualforce page to a site?
    • Enabling portal integration.