Explorer : In our Previous Salesforce tutorial we have learned about SOQL Syntax. In this Salesforce Training Tutorial we are going to learn How to download and Install explorer Software to write our first SOQL Statement. In order to execute SOQL Statements we have to use some tools. Those tools are downloaded, installed and integrated with our account. Explorer Software

The Explorer is a Windows only tool offering the same functionality as Schema Explorer and more functions. The password that Explorer expects is our password concatenated with your security token i.e. if your password is “Password” and your token is “Token” then your Explorer password is “PasswordToken”. You’ll find that if a tool does not explicitly ask for a token it assumes that you supply it with this concatenated password instead.

Before installing Explorer we have download and install AIR application (Adobe AIR). After installing AIR application only we have to install Explorer software. By Using Explorer software we can import data to CSV Format, export data from CSV format to

Basically Explorer Software is used to import and export smaller set of records only. For bulk operation we use Apex Data Loader.

Downloading Explorer Software.

  1. To Download Explorer software go to the following link
  2. Now Download Adobe AIR.
  3. Install Adobe Air application.
  4. Now Install Explorer Software. With out installing  Adobe AIR we can not install Explorer software. explorer

After Installing Explorer Software open Explorer software from the Start Menu.

  • Enter Username and Password.
  • Password is the combination of Password and Security token.
  • Select Environment as Production or Developer Edition.
  • Select Login explorer1
  • To Enter SOQL Query Statement go to Query explorer2

Write your SOQL query as shown above and click on Query button.