Wave analytics in salesforce?

Wave analytics in salesforce?

– Wave analytics gives immediate access to powerful data insights through its intuitive point-and-click visual interface.

– You can use “Laptop/desktop, iphone & Ipad and apple watch” with wave analytics to answer key business questions.
– It is a self service analytics application that enables users to make sense of large amounts of data. Users can explore their data to discover new data insights. And also we can create dashboards to monitor key business metrics.

To enable wave-analytics feature you have to reach out Salesforce. Once this feature is enabled, admins have to assign required licences and permissions to users to access wave analytics.

Wave-analytics vs reports and dashboards:

Wave-analytics: It is designed for self-service data discovery, It extends beyond Reports and Dashboards to give you new views into your pipeline, end-to-end customer insight, and historical analytics to help you plan your next best step.

Report & Dashboard: It gives an instant snapshot of the metrics that matter to your business, including team performance, lead volume, and conversion rates.

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