Write test class for trigger?-SimpleExample

How to Write test class for trigger:

Here is the example to write a unit test method for a simple Apex Trigger.
Following trigger is executed whenever account is created and creates sharing to the manager to that record.

Apex Trigger Code:
trigger accountAfterInsert on Account (after insert) {
string managerId= [Select Id, ManagerId FROM User WHERE Id = :userInfo.getUserId()].ManagerId;
for(Account acc: trigger.New){
AccountShare accShare = new AccountShare();
accShare .ParentId = acc.Id;
accShare .UserOrGroupId = managerId;
accShare .AccessLevel = ‘EDIT’;
accShare .RowCause = Schema.accountShare.RowCause.Manual;

// Unit Test for above Trigger
private class AccountTriggersTest{
private static testmethod void accountTriggersTest(){
Account acc = new Account();
acc.name = ‘NewAccount’;
acc.address = ‘USA’;
insert acc;

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