Create salesforce Application

Salesforce Application

  • A salesforce application is a logical container for all of the objects, tabs, process and services associated with a given business function
  • A salesforce application is a group of tabs that work as a unit to provide functionality
  • We can customize existing app to match the way to work or build new apps by grouping standard and custom tabs.
  • A custom app consists of name, description, an ordered list of tabs and optionally a custom logo and a landing page.
  • Salesforce provides standard apps such as Sales, Call center, Marketing and Community etc….
  • Users can switch between apps using the app drop-down menu at the top right corner of every page.
  • There are two types of salesforce application one is Custom App and other one is Service cloud console.

Create salesforce Application

To create application in salesforce follow below mwntioned steps.

Setup -> AppSetup -> Create ->apps -> Click on ‘New’ -> Select custom application radio button ->Provide the name of App -> click on ‘Next’ button ->select the image from document object  -> select the objects -> click on visible check box and save.

If we want to add this salesforce Application to any other profiles or add other tabs to this App we can do as follows

setup -> AppSetup -> create -> Apps -> select the App from the list and click on Edit -> If we want to change the image for the App click on ‘Insert an Image’ and take from documents. And if we want to add some more tabs to App we can select the Tabs from Available Tabs and clcik on ‘Add’ selected tabs will be moved to selected Tabs selection.


If we want to add our new application to any profile we can check the check boxes showing in the below image.




14 thoughts on “Create salesforce Application”

  1. To add an image to be selected. Click on [+] in your horizontal menu, then click on Documents and add a logo. Then you will be able to chose the logo for your app,

  2. I am unable to add an image in my first application as when I click on “insert a new image”, its navigating to my personal document folder which is not known. So, what is the solution for that.

    1. Hi Pooja,

      We cannot directly insert image. Upload your image into document object first. To upload image on document, Go to all tabs (click “+” which is available at the end of tab panel) and click on document tab click on new and upload your image. You can create new folders to place images in that folder. You can add image to your application once your image is available on documents object. Hope this helps you to add image to your application.

  3. Hello ,

    Two queries
    1. I am still not able to upload an image. The size of image is just 7 KB and it is in the personal document folder. But i does not shows up.
    2. When i defined my app , i added 8 tabs. But when i actually switched to it it shown a default list of tabs and i still had to go and add the earlier defined by going through add tab. And from there i can also add new tabs which i did not added earlier.

    Is it usual process? If so , i am little confused with the thought that what is the use of defining or adding tabs while building an app when it always shows default list and one had to manually add back all again?

    Please correct if my understanding at any point is wrong.


  4. Hello ,
    I am not able to Insert image .
    I have already add image in document object . and I am able to see the added image into document (size is 13 kb) object but when i click on Insert an image button that time no records found display.
    Please Correct me if I am wrong

  5. I’ve try to follow the path “Setup -> AppSetup -> Create ->apps -> Click on ‘New’ -> Select custom application radio button ->Provide the name of App -> click on ‘Next’ button ->select the image from document object -> select the objects ” but it simply doesn’t exist

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