Lightning Experience – Winter 16 updates

Lightning Experience – Reports & dashboard features

Lightning Experience features:

–  Salesforce has redesigned Reports & Dashboard homepage in Winter 16 release to provide rich user interface to users.
– New rich editor to create dashboards.
– Interactive dashboards to present & share information.
– New features on report run page to get more information from interactive chats & filters.

Above features are available in  Lightning Experience only.

New Names for Reporting Products and Features in winter 16 release:

– Salesforce1 Reporting is now called Salesforce Reports and Dashboards.
– Salesforce1 Reporting API via Apex is now called Salesforce Reports and Dashboards API via Apex.
– Salesforce1 Reporting REST API is now called Salesforce Reports and Dashboards REST API.

See here for more information

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  1. Please help me locate all these Winter’16 Release features in the sandbox instance. Have to draft test documents on it

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