Doing deployments when Active job is running

What is active job here? Any schedule job or apex job which is running in our Salesforce system.

Generally in salesforce, we cannot perform deployments when active jobs are there & we are trying to deploy metadata related to the active job in system. In this case, we will remove jobs from our environment and continue with deployments.

But now, no need to stop schedule jobs in our environments to perform deployment when active jobs are running. In winter 15 release salesforce has provided a feature to continue with deployments when jobs are running in production.

Enabling the deployment of components with a corresponding active job.

To enable this go to setup -> deployment  settings -> “Allow deployments of components
when corresponding Apex jobs are pending or in progress” check this checkbox and save.

Deployment connection is renamed as deployment settings. See the below image for reference.

Deployment settings - active jobs

Active jobs

I feel this is very useful option when are doing deployments. No need to stop jobs during deployments. But, this setting might cause apex jobs fail due to unsupported changes.