Running specified test classes with Changeset deployment

Running specified tests option is now available with change set deployment in Salesforce. This option is available with winter 16 release. We can choose which tests to run when deploying or validating inbound changeset in Sandbox org production orgs. This option is available in both Salesforce Classic & Salesforce Lightning Experience.

Below running test option are available when you validate/deploy an inbound changeset:

Default, Run Local Tests, Run All Tests & Run specified Tests.

Default: By default no test classes will execute in a sandbox & all local tests will run when your inbound change set contains apex classes/apex triggers.

Run Local Tests: All local  test classes will  run with this option(Excludes managed packages classes).

Run All Tests: All test classes will  execute including managed packages.

Run Specified Tests: Only specified test classes will run with this option. We have to provide specified tests in comma-separated list.

This option is available with winter 16 release.