What is Quick deploy – Quick deployments in Salesforce : All salesforce.com users must understand different features that are available for deploying components to production. In this Salesforce tutorial we are going to learn about salesforce quick deployment, how quick deploy feature helps.

What is quick deployment in salesforce ?

Quick deploy is a feature that can deploy components to production environment. This deploying components to production can be done with running test classes on our project release day. Successful validation must be done before our release day.

How quick deploy is useful ?

Deploying code in salesforce is very hard when our organisation contains more number of test methods. Containing more test methods makes our release day will be very long. In order to avoid this type of problems salesforce.com has provided us a good feature called ” quick deploy

  • Quick deploy option is available for only production environment.
  • Quick deploy option is applicable for non production organisations.
  • Quick deploy is released as a pilot program for salesforce production environment.
  • To enable this option ew have to contact salesforce.com.
  • Quick deploy is available for change sets and meta data API-based deployments.

How to perform quick deployment ?

To perform quick deployment in salesforce.com follow the steps given below.

  • First run a validation-only deployment with test execution.
  • If our validation succeeds then it qualifies for quick deploy.
  • Now Quick deployment option is enabled.
  • It appears next to our validation in deployment status page.

Note : Quick deploy option is enables or appears for only qualified validation.

What is Quick deploy - Quick deployments in Salesforce

After successful validation of our package, then we can deploy the same deployment with out running any test classes to our production. This option is available for 4 days which is 96 hours for successful validation deployment. This quick deploy is available for last test runs that have passed in last four days.