IDE : In our previous Salesforce Tutorials we have learned about what is Platform. In this salesforce training tutorial we are going to learn about IDE and how to install IDE for testing and deployment.

What is IDE ?

Full form for IDE is Integrated Development Environment. IDE is a professional tool used by salesforce developers for development, testing and deployment. IDE is a flexible tool which is used along with open source tool framework called Eclipse.

How to Install IDE ?

Follow the steps given below.

  • First check whether your operating system supported or not.
  • Download Java SE Runtime Environment 7 and Install.
  • Download Eclipse Kepler.
  • Now go to eclipse file location and launch it.
  • Now go to Help=>Install new IDE
  • Now select on Add button.
  • Now we have to fields called name and Location.
  • Enter name as IDE.
  • Copy the link in location IDE installation
  • Select OK. IDE installation

  • Select check box and select Next Button. IDE installation1

  • Accept the terms of the licences and click on finish button. IDE installation2 IDE will be installed as shown above. Wait till the  IDE software installs.

  • Now a dialogue will be appeared on screen to restart Eclipse. Click on YES.
  • When Eclipse restarts go to windows=>Open Perspective=>Other=> IDE installation4

Now we are ready to develop and customize application in Eclipse. To integrate Eclipse IDE with our account go to

  • File=>New=> Project. IDE installation3

  • Now enter Project name, Username, Password and Security token to login in to your IDE installation6

Select Next to complete integration.